HelloFresh – Does it suck?


We finally got the chance to put together our very first review on HelloFresh meal delivery service.

Not only do we think it’s a brilliant idea to have fresh ingredients delivered to our doorstep but this meal delivery service is #freshamazing!

I work 9 to 5. John works odd hours. We find it difficult to do our grocery shopping in the weekend and the closest supermarkets we’ve got are TescoExpress and Sainsbury’s Local – trust me, they are expensive for weekly shop and the ingredients do not last long so they always tend to go to waste. I always think it as our money going in the bin.

I do think this is the best investment we’ve done so far this year! £49 a week for 5 dinners, I cannot ask for a better deal! It stops us from having takeaways and eating out (obviously on the odd days we do eat out).

They have a couple of other plans such as 3 meals a week, veggie box, the family box … (check their website to find out more!).

If you decide to go for it or give it a try – get £25 OFF your first box by using this code: CRINAT

Hope you enjoy watching the video and please follow us on this blog, subscribe to our channel and give a thumbs up and share share share ❤


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